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* = best 7 races will be counted for series points. Must have 5 races to qualify for series trophy.
Racer No.BrandNameTotal PointsRound 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8 Round 9 Round 10 Round 11 Round 12 Round 13 Round 14
2803KTMDOLLAR, WILLIAM1693rd2nd*2nd*1st*5th1st*1st*1st*1st*     
1676KAWNELSON, ISAIAH150 4th1st*2nd*1st*4th*7th3rd*3rd*3rd*    
9860HONJOHNSON, ANTHONY139DNF9th5th*7th*2nd*2nd*4th*Worked*7th2nd*    
0759YAMNELSON, IAN121 13th6th*6th*3rd*7th2nd*6th*4th*5th*    
8457KTMHOLZER, AUSTIN101  4th*9th*4th*6th*11th*8th* 6th*    
8525KTMCOSBY, GARRETT70   11th*10th*5th* 4th*6th*     
0587KTMWILSON, ERIC60  3rd*3rd*  3rd*       
5238KTMJONES, BRENT501st*1st*            
3001YAMFAUCETTE, WILLIAM47        2nd*1st*    
1455YAMSELF, DRAY445th* 8th*   6th*       
9916YAMBATES, MASON4318th*   8th* 8th*  7th*    
8494KTMKING, JESSE42       7th*5th*9th*    
9671YAMSTOVALL, KYLE39 5th*9th*10th*          
2912HONHAYES, KYLE3414th*   12th*    4th*    
2911HONHAYES, LOGAN334th*   6th*    DNF*    
3160YAMLENNING, GATLIN30    11th*3rd*        
2707YAMFLETCHER, EVAN27      5th*10th*      
8348YAMMCPEE, GAGO2516th*3rd*            
8434KTMDAVIS, LAWSON247th*11th*            
3087KTMBOSWELL, JAKE22       2nd*      
5596HONFARRAR, DALTON222nd*             
8435YAMBYRD, HAMILTON2111th*10th*            
9680YAMCORREDOR, JUAN21        10th*11th*    
8729YAMFOWLER, COREY20      9th*  13th*    
8604UNKBRINDLE, MCKAY19    15th*    8th*    
3171HONWASKAN, NICHOLAS18   4th*          
8606KTMDYER, CORD17    13th*    12th*    
9409KTMPEREZ, GAMALIER17        11th*14th*    
3084KAWBENNETT, JAMES16   5th*          
4995KTMMITCHELL, DUSTIN16       5th*      
0057YAMWATTS, LENNY156th*             
2543YAMOBERSTER, WARREN15 6th*            
5326KTMHOLZER, AUSTIN14 7th*            
8339YAMCANTRELL, DONNIE14  7th*           
8574BETFLORA, ADAM14    7th*         
2729KTMPALMER, MASON13 8th*            
2970KTMMUNSEY, BUSTER13        8th*     
5200YAMMARTENS, TYLER13   8th*          
9950KTMMCCOY, JOHNATHAN138th*             
2296KAWMERCER, CADEN12    9th*         
4094KAWDIAZ, RONALD12        9th*     
8388KTMMCCARTY, AARON129th*             
8799KTMANELLO, FRANK12       9th*      
0813KTMPARHAM, DUSTIN1110th*             
8413KTMTODD, ELI1121        10th*    
8730KTMFOWLER, AUSTIN11      10th*       
0099KTMSMITH, BRIAN9 12th*            
2453HONHARRIS, DUSTIN9   12th*          
2933HONHAYES, REX912th*             
8755YAMPLOTZKE, BRETT9      12th*       
8409KTMMCDONALD, NATE813th*             
8597BETROSSON, ZACK7    14th*         
3942YAMKING, KIRKLAND615th*             
5597HONDEHAVEN, DALTON417th*             
8915SUZMILLER, ELIJAH219th*             
8408KTMMCDONALD, JEB120th*             
5175HONHAMPTON, BELLA0DNF*DNF*            
8496KTMTHOMPSON, DANIEL0  DNF*