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* = best 11 races will be counted for series points. Must have 9 races to qualify for series trophy.
Racer No.BrandNameTotal PointsRound 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8 Round 9 Round 10 Round 11 Round 12 Round 13 Round 14
2971KTMKING, TIM2371st*2nd*1st*6th* 1st*1st*1st*1st* 1st*1st*  
2562HSQDILLION, SEAN212  2nd*3rd*2nd*4th*2nd*2nd*2nd*2nd*2nd*3rd*  
2422HSQDEROCHE, JAY159 1st* 4th*3rd*6th*4th*  1st*3rd*4th*  
2376HSQKRAFT, JOE1294th*3rd*3rd*2nd* 3rd*10th*  4th*    
2416KTMSKINNER, SCOTT77  4th*5th*4th* 12th*5th*      
6930UNKSILVIA, LARRY72 DNF 1st*1st*2nd*        
0960KTMPRESSLEY, DANNY50      7th*3rd*5th*     
2524KAWBAILEY, RANDY442nd*          2nd*  
1561KTMBURCHFIEL, JEFF403rd*     3rd*       
2875KAWLEE, MARK38DNF      4th*3rd*     
2723KTMFORBES, DARREN32  5th*        5th*  
5282HSQZARO, BRET20         3rd*    
4386UNKSCHINDLER, SCOTT18        4th*     
1516YAMHAINES, TOM16      5th*       
2397KTMFULLER, MARK16     5th*        
5255OTHHARRIS, JEFF165th*             
2516OTHWILLIAMSON, CLYDE15      6th*       
6438OTHMCMAHAON, JOHN15        6th*     
7011YAMBYNUM, STEPHEN13      8th*       
7100KTMROONEY, TONY12      9th*       
1086BETMARSHALL, ALLEN10      11th*       
2201KTMHICKS, DOUG8      13th*