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* = best 11 races will be counted for series points. Must have 9 races to qualify for series trophy.
Racer No.BrandNameTotal PointsRound 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8 Round 9 Round 10 Round 11 Round 12 Round 13 Round 14
2539YAMSHELNUTT, DAWSON2268th*3rd*4th*2nd*1st* 7th*2nd*1st*3rd*1st*2nd*  
2383OTHPIERCE, CALEB2176th*4th*7th* 2nd*3rd*5th*1st*3rd*1st*2nd*3rd*  
3040KTMADAMS, BRETT166DNF6th*9th*4th*5th*Worked*13th* 5th*2nd*4th*5th*  
2307KTMSIEVENPIPER, GAVIN1341st*2nd*   1st*1st*  9th* 1st*  
2542YAMOBESTER, GERIK87 1st*1st*6th*    2nd*     
2689YAMRUMSEY, JUSTIN66  5th* 4th*    4th* 7th*  
5254HSQDANIEL, JONAH662nd* 2nd*  2nd*        
5134KTMKELLER, COLBY62    9th*6th*DNF3rd*6th*     
3211HSQMURPHY, CHRIS58   5th*7th*7th*  7th*     
2784KTMROBERTS, TUCKER527th*   3rd*4th*        
2875HSQDEROCHE, RYAN44         6th*3rd*12th*  
1560HSQSMITH, GAVIN403rd* 3rd*           
9822KTMJAMES, TYLER40  8th* 6th*  DNF   9th*  
3092KTMMUNSEY, TYLER38   3rd*       4th*  
1231SUZTUCKER, RYAN27         5th* 10th*  
2851HSQBEST, THOMAS25   1st*          
0225HONBROUGHTON, JOSEY22      2nd*       
9413YAMHOLDEN, BROWN20      3rd*       
4970KTMJENKINS, KOLE19         10th* 13th*  
1493YAMFARRIS, STEPHEN18      4th*       
2772SUZMILES, SAMUEL184th*             
3014HSQBELCHER, CADEN18        4th*     
3056KTMBERNHARDT, JEREMY18       4th*      
2370YAMQUEEN, JOSHUA16     5th*        
2708KTMSTANFORD, JEFF16          5th*   
2914HONJENKINS, BRETT165th*             
2987YAMTHOMPSON, BENJAMIN16 5th*            
3153YAMKILPATRICK, RILEY16       5th*      
3068YAMSMITH, NATHAN15           6th*  
3159YAMFARRIS, JONATHAN15      6th*       
4608KTMMONTGOMERY, JACOBY15  6th*           
2970OTHCHASTAIN, JOE14         7th*    
5111HONFRITTS, DANIEL14   7th*          
2571KTMWILLIAMSON, JORDAN13      8th*       
2883HSQSMITH, GAVIN13         8th*    
2912KTMCOURSEY, COREY13           8th*  
5051KTMFINLEY, DEAN13    8th*         
1472YAMWILLIAMS, WYATT12      9th*       
5284KTMCARSON, JC129th*             
0527YAMBANKS, EZRA11      10th*       
2975KAWCLARK, MATTHEW1110th*             
5278KAWSMALL, ERIC1011th*             
6138YAMKEISLER, WYATT10           11th*  
8481YAMGRAY TAYLOR, TAYLOR10      11th*       
3178KTMPAIRRETT, KADE9      12th*       
5260YAMWADDELL, LUCAS912th*             
5256KTMMCDONALD, JUSTIN813th*             
3009SUZWARD, MAELIN714th*             
4205KTMPERRY, JOSH7      14th*       
5390HONBROUGHTON, TYLER6      15th*       
4924KTMSHOEMAKER, HAVEN5      16th*