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* = best 11 races will be counted for series points. Must have 9 races to qualify for series trophy.
Racer No.BrandNameTotal PointsRound 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8 Round 9 Round 10 Round 11 Round 12 Round 13 Round 14
2986KTMMILLS, BRADY2611st* 1st*1st*7th*1st*2nd*1st*1st*1st*1st*1st*  
2264HONDAVIS, NICHOLAS1953rd*3rd*5th*8th4th*4th*6th*5th*4th*4th*3rd*5th*  
2371YAMHOWERTON, MIKE1875th*6th*11th5th*3rd*5th*4th*4th*2nd*5th*6th*6th*  
2891HONCOATES, KEATON1714th*5th*10th* 5th* 7th*3rd*3rd*3rd*2nd*7th*  
3076KAWBRYANT, IAN982nd*1st*4th*4th* 6th*        
3015YAMWILSON, CHRIS73 7th*6th* 2nd*2nd*        
2602KTMROLLINS, DALTON66 2nd*2nd*        2nd*  
5214YAMSELF, DRAY64  3rd*2nd*     2nd*    
2274KTMBROWN, SEAN44  12th*3rd*6th*         
3084KAWBENNETT, JAMES40     3rd*     3rd*  
2305YAMANDERSON, PRESTON39DNFDNF7th* 1st*         
5317HONSTEVENSON, SAMUEL34 4th*        5th*   
5544HSQRUSSELL, JEFFREY25      1st*       
2317HSQRUSSELL, JEFFREY22       2nd*      
5026HSQGIBSON, CHASE20      3rd*       
3145YAMBATES, CHRIS18           4th*  
5325KTMANDREWS, JOSH18          4th*   
4371KAWNOYD, BRYCE16      5th*       
2926KTMWALKER, SUNDOWN15         6th*    
5114YAMSCOTT, JERRY15   6th*          
2811KAWWELLS, TIMOTHY14   7th*          
2889KAWFULLERTON, TYLER14         7th*    
2726SUZPOWELL, KYLE13  8th*           
4918YAMEDGE, MICHAEL13      8th*       
3160YAMLENNING, GATLIN12      9th*       
5203YAMWINKLER, JOSEPH12  9th*           
4919KTMMAYO, JERRY11      10th*       
5204SUZWINKLER, MATTHEW8  13th*           
5202YAMCARNES, WILLIAM7  14th*