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* = best 11 races will be counted for series points. Must have 9 races to qualify for series trophy.
Racer No.BrandNameTotal PointsRound 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8 Round 9 Round 10 Round 11 Round 12 Round 13 Round 14
3002KTMBALSER, JP215 4th*6th*5th*2nd*4th*4th*1st*1st*2nd* 5th*3rd* 
5333YAMSCOTT, MICHAEL181  17th*3rd*3rd*2nd*3rd*   1st*3rd*1st*1st*
5326KTMHOLZER, AUSTIN1744th*9th* 8th*7th*3rd*11th4th*3rd*12th6th*10th*6th*4th*
3199KAWDURDEN, CASEY98 6th*5th*4th*4th*6th* 5th*      
0873HONSTANLEY, COLTON96 3rd*4th*2nd*  5th*      3rd*
2709KTMHUNT, GRAYSON925th* 11th*   9th*  7th*4th*15th* 5th*
2453HONHARRIS, DUSTIN911st*7th*2nd*6th*  6th*       
2970KTMMUNSEY, BUSTER877th*11th*9th*7th*12th*7th*7th*       
3121KAWBARRON, HUNTER69 2nd*    2nd*    1st*  
5047YAMHART, JEB64       2nd*2nd* 3rd*   
5116KTMSMITH, KYLE47   1st*       2nd*  
5197YAMCOLWELL, CANDLER45  3rd*   1st*       
2976HSQWARD, DREW436th*10th*14th*11th*          
2272KAWWASKAN, WILLIAM40            4th*2nd*
2283HONDRAGANOV, IVAN39  7th* 1st*         
5206YAMPUGLISI, CHRISTIAN39  10th*   13th*  17th*5th*   
2907KTMCAMILO, MATEUS36           7th*2nd* 
2911HONHAYES, LOGAN35          2nd*8th*  
2707YAMFLETCHER, EVAN32  15th* 11th*    15th* 11th*  
5239KTMBLECKLEY, HOLDEN28 5th* 9th*          
3211HSQMURPHY, CHRIS272nd* 16th*           
5074HONSULLENS, COLE27         9th* 6th*  
5238KTMJONES, BRENT26 8th*8th*           
2690YAMTANKERSLEY, NOAH25         1st*    
4608KTMMONTGOMERY, JACOBY25 1st*            
4970KTMJENKINS, KOLE25     1st*        
5199YAMSHUBERT, CADEN25  1st*           
2912HONHAYES, KYLE23          7th*12th*  
3075HONTAYLOR, ELI20       3rd*      
5044YAMINGRAM, JAKE20         3rd*    
5388KTMRUSSELL, DARRICK203rd*             
2925KTMNORTON, JESSE18         4th*    
3082YAMDENTON, RILEY18           4th*  
2368KTMHANCOCK, ANDREW16            5th* 
2931KTMBARR, NICHOLAS16         5th*    
2934HONHAYES, WYATT16          10th*16th*  
2982KTMCARSON, JOSHUA16    5th*         
2987KTMALLEN, DREW16          9th*17th*  
9117KAWBARRON, HUNTER16     5th*        
2236HONSULLENS, COLE15    6th*         
2951YAMRODACKER, COOPER15         6th*    
3951YAMSNEED, GARRETT14            7th* 
2518YAMSOUTHERN, BRIAN13    8th*         
2938YAMGADDY, DYLON13         8th*    
3176KTMKIRKENDALL, JUSTIN13      8th*       
4985KTMMCFALLS, CODY13     8th*        
5248HONRYAN, MICHAEL13          8th*21  
5040YAMSHEPPARD, CALEB12    9th*         
6507HONSULLENS, COLE12           9th*  
2939KTMFREEMAN, TYLER11         10th*    
5128KTMHITE, DEVIN11   10th*          
5308YAMRODACKER, COOPER11    10th*         
5596HONFARRAR, DALTON11      10th*       
2901YAMTODD, WILLIAM10         11th*    
2905HONPARTAIN, JEFFREY10          11th*   
5118SUZLEDFORD, JACOB9   12th*          
5200YAMMARTENS, TYLER9  12th*           
5597HONDEHAVEN, DALTON9      12th*       
2893HONTHOMASON, JOEY8         13th*    
5127HONPOST, JOEY8   13th*          
5210HONSTIDHAM, GARRETT8  13th*           
9685YAMNELSON, ISAIAH8           13th*  
2973HONJONES, TIMMY7         14th*    
5023SUZMARTIN, ZACHARY7      14th*       
5134KTMKELLER, COLBY7   14th*          
9682YAMNELSON, IAN7           14th*  
3173YAMFUHRER, MICHAEL6      15th*       
2946GASSULLENS, WADE5         16th*    
9671YAMSTOVALL, KYLE3           18th*  
9666YAMWALKER, ALEX2           19th*  
2933HONHAYES, REX1           20th*